Welcome to the launch of Into Aura and my first blog post! I am Briezii – born and raised in New Jersey and now newly located in Los Angeles, California. I want to lose 80lbs, start a new and healthy relationship with food, be an entrepreneur, explore this new city – just to name a few things. But, I am currently a full time corporate girl. I’m 7 years into my (rather successful) professional career and I just keep asking myself if  “THERE IS MORE TO LIFE?!?!?!” than feeling like a preprogrammed robot that wakes up everyday at 5am, sits in traffic, works until 6pm, sits in traffic again, grabs whatever fast food is available for dinner, comes home, walks the dog, sleeps, and repeats this every. single. day. 

Would you believe there wasn’t a straight forward answer to my question on Google? Yup – you heard it here first, the internet has failed us all! Just Kidding. But, I figured while I am going through this journey, there has to be other people going through the same thing or searching for the same answers.

So, that’s what brought me here. I’ll be sharing my journey and experiences along the way of this search for “more to life” as I exercise my entrepreneurial gene and launch my first company, repair my relationship with food and get back on track with fitness to reach my 80lb weight loss goal, all while trying to explore Los Angeles and share cool spots that I find. I will also share all the useful information and knowledge I already have and gain. I don’t know where this adventure is going to take me but I’m so excited to share it with you, as well as for you to share with me!

I’ve always loved writing, I write everything down (mostly because if I don’t I will forget) BUT equally I have always jotted everything down in a notebook, as it helps me process all my thoughts. I’ll keep it simple, and keep posts to Lifestyle, Adventure, Self-Care and Wellness that way everything will be easy for you to follow. I talk with dashes, parentheses, CAPS, realness and sometimes a little sarcasm. This will be trial and error, so always feel free to share feedback, of how I can better communicate with you.

I truly hope to influence positivity and help inspire a more thoughtful and conscious way of living through lifestyle, self-care, adventure, and wellness with my journey.

Take a moment to explore the new site, bookmark the blog, and drop a comment. Be sure to follow on Instagram @IntoAura for notification of new posts.

Signing off – sending love, life, and wellness xo

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