Heyyyyy! It’s been a while, happy to connect with guys again! Hope you all have been well! 🙂

Things have been crazy! As I told you in a previous post (The Grass Isn’t Always Greener) I am preparing for the launch of my skincare company! Although I am beyond excited it’s been a little hectic. The rollercoaster of daily emotion of being an entrepreneur is something I couldn’t have even imagined. I am now at the last stretch and things are coming along so well. We’re only a few months away from launch. But to get to this point there has been A LOT of changes.

I have legally changed the name of my business 3 times. YES – 3 TIMES! After logo, packaging and artwork has been completed. With a name change dominos serval other updates – website domain, e-mail, packaging, logo, webpage text, branding and a bunch of other things! Now before you think I’m crazy – a Business Name is SO important. At the time (2 times prior), I did REALLY like the name. But then I would stare at it during final approval before printing and just not connect with it, to the point where I felt I needed to change it. I have to listen to my gut, it’s never wrong. Everything happens for a reason and I’m so glad that I ended up changing it because it wouldn’t have brought me here to a name that I am absolutely in love with. Besides – third times the charm, right?

It now has so much meaning to me and I’m so happy I can connect so much more on a deeper level with the brand I’ve worked so hard to create.

The number 8 has always had some significance in my life Whether it’s positive or negative. It always pops up (To start my life off, I was born in August – 8th month of the year). And without even knowing, when I had originally registered my business for the first time I did it on August 8th 2018 (08/08/2018) – how crazy? When I realized that, I just knew it was meant to be that I include the number 8. And now within the essence of the brand the number 8 has a lot of relevance.

And as you all know, I started this blog to help influence a more thoughtful and conscious way of living through my posts and connecting with people. Only doing things that truly bring you happiness (like how your aura shows true self – Check out my post on Energy).

I’m happy to be able to incorporate my values into this brand, and now be able to connect this blog as well! So in the future you will be seeing much more from me!

Eighth Aura will be launching soon! Stay tuned!

Entrepreneurship is all about the learning experience and part of the journey. I’m grateful for the lessons. And happy to share my learnings!

You can follow @eighthaura now on Instagram. Are you a fellow entrepreneur? Let me know about your journey!

Sending love, life and wellness xo

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