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One of the biggest life lessons I have learned has been about energy – protecting it, recharging it, and how I manifest it.  I have seen such a drastic positive change in my life when I live by these principals. I’m an (August) Virgo (which is an earth sign) so I very much feel connected spiritually and physical with my surroundings to keep me grounded.


We are energy. We all radiate energy. Our energy force around us is called our Aura. Our Aura is the mirror to our soul that exudes our energy to the world of our true self. And as easily as we can exude our energy to others, it’s important to remember it’s a 2 way street that comes full circle. Positive or Negative energy (from people, places, attitudes, emotions etc.) can penetrate the Aura, making it important to protect, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

For myself, I found that in my life, I was sharing my space with people and relationships that negatively impacted my energy. It’s not to say that these people are bad people, because they are good people. It was that just for me and my life, their energy was not the energy I feed off to nourish my soul and prosper. I think it’s hard when you care about someone (not just romantically, but also your friendships, family, co workers, etc.) to distance yourself when you feel you are no longer feeling positive in their presence. What isn’t growing is dead. And we often look at things for how we want them to be rather than for what they really are. We make excuses, we try to rationalize, we do everything but see exactly what is in front of us. Allowing someone into your space is a privilege and should be treated as such. Not everyone deserves your time and energy.

Only invest in what brings joy to you daily. I used to work for Apple, so this Steve Jobs quote has always stuck with me – he said “If today were my last day, would I do what I’m doing…If the answer was ‘No’ too many days in a row, I’d make a change” So in any situation ask yourself “Am I happy? Do I love where I am? Does this make me feel good?” If the answer is No too many times in a row, make a change. To protect your energy, you have to learn to trust it. It’s never wrong.


As important as it is to protect your energy, it’s equally important to recharge. We all need to take a moment to pause, close our eyes, take a deep breathe, connect with the universe and inhale the positive energy we want to flow through our body and exhale the negative. Visualize your vibrations being revived. I also like to light sage to cleanse my personal space. I sage all the rooms in my apartment and light a candle. Some signs I look out for that indicate to me I need to recharge my energy are:

  • Excessive Fatigue
  • Feeling Unmotivated
  • Irritable – very short with people, often feeling annoyed for an unknown reason
  • Unable To focus – feeling foggy
  • Anxious

 If you start feeling this way, take a mental day (or a few). Spend time with yourself and understand what you need. Alone time is often looked upon negatively by others. People are afraid or don’t want to be alone. But if you can’t spend the day alone with yourself, why would anyone else want to? Recharging and self care starts with you. If you’re not at your best you can’t be the best for the people around you. I go to the movies, or out to eat by myself and I love the time I get to discover something new about me.


The most important and sometimes hardest to change of them all. I genuinely and whole-heartedly believe, what you put out into this world, is what you receive back. When you train your brain to be positive, it naturally flows to everything else in your life. In every situation, although it may not be apparent at the moment, there is a positive in every “negative” Believing that everything does happen for a reason – you are exactly where you are supposed to be and what is meant to be, will be, was such a game changer in my life. It’s helped ease my anxiety and depression, my overall energy and outlook on life.

A couple months back, I was rushing to get to work. I remember feeling that everything that morning was just off and not going how my day should have gone. I finally make it out the door with a couple minutes to spare that I wouldn’t be late and I turn my car on and it starts flashing that my tire is FLAT! I first thought – WOW. REALLY?! And wanted to get upset. But then I took a breath and just thought – I’m being protected. I was not meant to be on the road at this time. I will get to work when I get there, and that’s that. I let it go, called to have someone put air in my tire. And just went about my day as usual and actually ended up having a nice day at work. I forgot all about what happened that morning.

That’s a small example but I constantly do this to train my brain that in any situation that may not have had what I felt was the favorable outcome I wanted at the time, that there is a positive side. In the end everything works out, what I wanted or what I thought I wanted turned out to not be what I needed.

When I first started doing this, some of my friends thought I was insane lol They would ask me “why aren’t you angry?” In situations that would make most upset, and my response is always “what will being angry do? It won’t resolve the current situation, I often feel anger is a wasted emotion. It’s okay to recognize that something is happening that you are not okay with, but I often feel situations turn out better when you don’t act on anger and just let it pass. I can’t think of any situation that was resolved with anger.

I hope you too can look ‘Into (your) Aura’ I’m here to help inspire a more thoughtful and conscious way of living. Helping you to find things that feed the soul and bring joy. How do you protect, recharge or manifest your energy? Let me know in the comments. Be sure to follow on Instagram @intoaura for updates on new posts!

Sending love, life and wellness xo.